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Baner obchodów Roku Jubileuszowego 20-lecia Województwa Świętokrzyskiego


Dear Sirs or Madams,

As the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Region I have the great pleasure and honour to present to you the region I love and have been bound with since childhood. 

I believe that its attractiveness and economic potential will appeal to institutions and individuals from all over the world and encourage the cooperation between the countries on many levels.

Let me familiarize you with the Świętokrzyskie Region. 

It is located in the southern part of the central Poland, covers the area of 11 710 square kilometers and is inhabited by 1.26 million people.  

The Marshal Office, which I have the pleasure to represent, supports the economic development of the region, and in particular the so-called Smart specializations.

The Świętokrzyskie Region has got 7 smart specialisations stated in Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS3). The Marshal Office of the Świętokrzyskie Region is responsible for the smooth implementation of the strategy to support the smart specialisations and the implementation of the innovation strategy. There are Consortia for smart specialisations development in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship clearly precised. 

Consortia are represented by Coordinators who act as a platform of exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge on a given subject. The Coordinators of smart specialisations are:

I. Resource efficient construction 

- Consortium coordinator: The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce

II. Steel and foundry industry 

- Consortium coordinator: The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce

III. Modern farming and food processing

- Consortium coordinator: Centre for Business Promotion and Entrepreneurship in Sandomierz

IV. Health and medical tourism 

- Consortium coordinator: Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój S.A.

V. Communication and IT 

- Consortium coordinator: Kielce Technology Park 

VI. Fair and congress centre 

- Consortium coordinator:  Kielce Trade Fair Centre Economy Chamber

VII. Sustainable energy development 

- Consortium coordinator: Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer sp. z o.o.


1.Possibilities within medical and health-oriented tourism:

The Świętokrzyskie Region has unique deposits of sulphide water. Since 200 years the waters have been used to support the treatment of ailments: orthopedic trauma, rheumatic, cardiological, neurological, dermatological and rehabilitation of patients with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

In the Świętokrzyskie Region there is:

- 16 hospitals and spas, such as „Uzdrowisko Busko Zdrój”, Uzdrowisko „Solec Zdrój”, Malinowe Hotele Chain.

In the Świętokrzyskie Region the cluster of Świętokrzyskie Spas was established in 2013, which animates the development of the spa industry and health-oriented tourism. It brings together 42 members, among which there are spas, service companies and business institutions from the region. 

Main export products:

- natural mineral water „Buskowianka”,

-  natural mineral water „Malinowy Zdrój”,

- balneo cosmetics from Solec Zdrój,                               

- cosmetics produced on the basis of sulphide waters (such as „Słoneczne”, Fontia, Balneocosmetics “Malinowe”).


2.Possibilities of cooperation within food and food processing industry:

The Świętokrzyskie Region is a major supplier of fruit, vegetables but also potatoes, cereals, dairy products and butter. In the region large quantities of pigs, cows are bred and numerous poultry farms and fish ponds exist. In the horse farm in Michałów the best and most expensive Polish Arabian are bred, appreciated and sought after by major breeders in the world.

In the last decade in the region a number of organic farms were created, producing healthy food and contributing to the development of farm tourism. 

Świętokrzyskie Region:

•2nd place in fruit trees areas In Poland (36,9 thousand ha);

•3rd place in Poland in terms of vegetable production;

•50mln PLN  -  export of food in the first quarter of 2016 

•1300 ecological farms 

•15 groups of producers of fruit and vegetables

•14 grups of ecological producers

•17 grups of farm producers

•58 products from Świętokrzyskie Region  listed as Polish recommended products

Main export products:

- fruit and vegetables, especially apples (eg. San Export Group, AG Food, Vitalpol, Naturvit)

- juices and fruit concentrate (eg. Sambor, Gomar)

- cheese (eg. Włoszczowa, regional cheeses)

- milk (eg. Włoszczowa, Pierzchnica, Chmielnik, Wodzisław and Opatów, Bidziny)

- meat and ham (Wir, Chochel, Kamiński)

- mayonese (Społem) 

- freeze dried products (eg. Lyovit, Lyofood) 


3.Possibiliteis of cooperation within metal and casting industry:

This sector is crucial for the region. It consists of metallurgical industry, machinery, casting and precision. The region also produces steel and metallurgical products. The industry in the region is in close liaison with existing resources of raw materials, chemicals and energy with centuries-old traditions associated with the production and processing of metals.

As many as 6% of Polish foundry production comes from the region of Świętokrzyskie.

Main export companies:

•Odlewnie Polskie SA, Starachowice 

•Celsa Huta Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o. (Spanish investor)

•ZPUE SA GK, Włoszczowa

•KH-Kipper sp. z o.o., Kajetanów

•PPUH Perfopol, Starachowice

•Koneckie Zakłady Odlewnicze S.A.

•Odlewnia Ostrowiec Sp. z o.o. 

•NSG Group w Polsce

•Mesko (Polska Grupa Zrojeniowa)

•NSK Bearings Polska SA Kielce (Japanese investor)


4.Possibiliteis of cooperation within construction industry:

The Świętokrzyskie Region builds Poland. The grounds are large reserves of various minerals which are good facilities for the development of production of construction materials. In the region of Kielce and the south-western part of the region there is a high concentration of minerals mining and processing of rock materials, including limestone for the cement and lime. At the southern area of the province there are brickyards, with the country's largest production of gypsum products.

Main export companies:

•Grupa Polskie Składy Budowlane SA. Busko-Zdrój 

•Lafarge Cement SA Cementownia Małogoszcz (French investor)

•Dyckerhoff Polska (German investor)


•KiZChS Siarkopol

•Lhoist Bukowa (Dutch investor) 

•Cementownia Ożarów (Irish investor)




•Kieleckie Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Drogowych


5.Possibiliteis of cooperation within R+D sector:

The R+D sector is mainly supported by:

- Regional Center for Science and Technology;

The complex of  scientific laboratories includes:

• Biobank together with the Public Stem Cell Bank,

• Laboratory of Medical Genetics,

• Laboratory of biomarkers of autoimmune studio,

• New Biotechnology Laboratory,

• Laboratory of Bioinformatics

- Świętokrzyskie Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer;

- Special Economic Zones (SEZ "Starachowice" SA, and SEZ Tarnobrzeska). They play an important role in the activation of the growth potential of the region and offer a wide range of discounts and preferences for investors;

 - Regional Operational Programme of Świętokrzyskie Region,  which offers support of innovative projects concerning infrastructure, research and development (1,4 mld Euro In 2014-2020);  

- Świętokrzyskie Oncology Center with a very modern infrastructure and innovative ways of treatment


 6.Possibiliteis of cooperation within educational sector:

In Świętokrzyskie Region there are two main universities providing education in 16 different specializations:

University of  Jan Kochanowski in Kielce  (

University of Technology in Kielce ( 

Within the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce operates the newly opened Medical Direction in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. As part of the medical sector, the  Świętokrzyskie Region is very interested in the opening of the Chinese medicine faculty, combined with a local wealth of natural resources (eg. Unique sulphide water), which  can bring innovative effects in the treatment of many diseases.

Kielce University of Technology offers a range of fields related to science, professional staff, and well functioning so called “ordered directions” that meet the needs of the labor market.

The Świętokrzyskie Province implemented a pioneering projects to support vocational education thanks to which vocational education in the region is more suited to the requirements of the labor market. 


The region has a privilage to realise the PROJECT OF ECONOMIC PROMOTION, which serves as a great tool to help local companies to gain new business opportunities. And business partners and expand export of local products to external markets

Project of Economic Promotion of the Świętokrzyskie Region " Świętokrzyskie hard to pronounce, easy to do business in"  is being realised in the region (2016-2020).

The Project of Economic Promotion of the Świętokrzyskie Region is under the implementation. The activities are foreseen to be realised within the period of 1st April 2016 and 31st December 2020. The project titled „Świętokrzyskie – hard to pronounce, easy to do business in” provides the region with necessary tools and budget to give local business the opportunities to participate in useful and beneficial events to develop the regional entrepreneurship. 

I am convinced that the possibilities of cooperation will be found. 

I cordially invite you to the Świętokrzyskie Region, which is safe and friendly for cooperation, ready to embrace new challenges and ideas and promote its offer overseas.


With regards,

Adam Jarubas

Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Region

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