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The fundamental mineral resources include, in particular, the deposits of gypsum rock (ranked among the richest in Europe). Swi?tokrzyskie heads the voivodeship league in terms of gypsum rock mining output (100% of domestic output), gypsum binder (88.4%), brimstone (71.7%), production of lime (38.1%), cement (32%) and regular broken mineral aggregate (24.8%).
Representative of our voivodeship are also metallurgy, machine and precision industries, particularly in areas of manufacturing casts, pipes, fittings, rolling ball bearings and central heating boilers. Steel and foun¬dry products are also made here (Ostrow-iec Swie.tokrzyski ironworks). A significant role is played by the food industry: it accounts for over 16% of the voivodeship's industrial sales. This branch is dominated by medium-sized and large private companies. The most dynamically developing are meat, dairy, milling, confectionery and greengrocery industries. Moreover, the printing industry and press distribution services play an important part.
The construction industry gives Swi^tokrzyskie a significant opportunity for social and economic advancement. The mineral resources found in the region (north of Kielce and in the south, in the Nida Valley) provide the basis for the development of the miner¬al industry, represented by well-known companies such as Dyckerhoff Cement Plant, Trzuskawica Lime Plant (Zaktady Przemystu Wapienniczego "Trzuskawica" S.A.), Lafarge Cement Polska, Dolina Nidy Plaster Plant (Zaktady Przemystu Gipsowego "Dolina Nidy" S.A.), Nida-Gips Ltd. ("NIDA-GIPS" Sp. z o.o.), Ozarow Cement Plant (Cementownia "Ozarow" S.A.), or Morawica Limestone Mine (Kopalnia Wapienia "MORAWICA"). The voivodeship's capital is home to large, renowned private building companies such as Echo Investment S.A., Mitex S.A., Dorbud S.A., or Kielce Bridge Company (Kieleckie Przedsi^biorstwo Robot Mostowych S.A.).
The region also has the Swi^tokrzyskie Casting and Co-operation Zone, based on the tradition of the Old Polish Industrial Zone and the pre-war Central Industrial Region. The companies co-operating within the casting cluster are mainly foundries, mechanical processing plants, heat processing plants and galvanising plants. The companies associated under the Swietokrzyskie Casting and Co-operation Zone undertake operations aimed at revitalisation of their properties as well as implementation of modern techniques and technologies, which places this branch of industry among the most progressive and innovation-oriented in the regional economy.
At the end of 2006, 106,312 businesses were registered in Swietokrzyskie (including 85,652 self-employed individuals). These numbers continue to grow. A large majority of companies are located in towns. The enterprise indicator (measured by the number of companies per 10,000 inhabitants) amounts to 799 in our voivodeship, with the na¬tional average amounting to 937. In the REGON business register, the largest proportion is taken by the commerce and maintenance sector- 38.05%. Next come estate and company services- at 12.2%, building - 11.03%, production - 9.52% and transportation - 7.05%.
An opportunity for development of Swi^tokrzyskie Voivodeship is pro¬vided by the building services industry, including refurbishment, renova¬tion and finishing services. The region offers unique conditions for investing and running business operations in this field. This is well worth considering, in view of the rising demand for building products and services, resulting from enormous infrastructure projects implemented in Poland as well as Poland's preparations for the 2012 European Football Championship. The electrical machinery industry in our voivodeship is characterised by low efficiency and outdated production structure. This provides a good chance to foreign companies with modern technologies, intent on rapid increase in production potential. Favourable prospects for development and investment are offered by the food industry which uses the locally available agricultural produce. The production of organic foodstuffs is an im¬portant niche in the region's economic potential.
The entrepreneurs of Swie4okrzyskie Voivodeship may obtain support from many institutions of the business environment. These are training and consulting centres in Kielce: the Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Staropolska Izba Przemysfowo-Handlowa) and the Employers' Association Forum (Stowarzyszenie Forum Pracodawcow), in Kohskie (the Kohskie Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship - Koneckie Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Przedsiąbiorczosci), and in Sandomierz (the Centre for Promotion and Support of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture - Osrodek Promowania i Wspierania Przedsiębiorczosci Rolnej).
The most important function is fulfilled by the Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce together with its close co-operating agencies: the Centre for Business Support, Info-Data Bureau for Economic Promotion and Information (Biuro Promocji i Informacji Gospodarczej "Info-Data"), the Chamber of Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs (Izba Rzemieslnikow i Przedsiębiorcow), the Association of Private Transportation and Services (Zrzeszenie Prywatnego Trans-portu i Ustug), the Voivodeship Branch of the Poland-East Co-Operative Association (Stowarzyszenie Wspotpracy Pol-ska-Wschod Oddziat Wojewodzki), the Polish-American Club for Entrepreneur-ship at the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (Polsko-Amerykahski Klub Przedsi^biorczosci przy Fundacji Rozwoju Demokracji Lokalnej) as well as the Sta-rachowice Association for Local Initiative (Starachowickie Stowarzyszenie In-icjatyw Lokalnych). The most frequently
offered services include legal and economic consultancy, particularly for the SME sector, as well as provision of training sessions. The above institutions perform the function of representatives of entrepreneurs' interests before regional and central authorities by establishing their agencies and co-operating with consumer bodies. The Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce is part of a network of ca. 180 regional business-supporting centres-the National Services System forSMEs. The role of the Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the shaping of the voivodeship's competitiveness is further accentuated by the fact that it operates as the so-called Regional Financing Institution, i.e. a partner of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development in the imple¬mentation of the sectoral policy, aimed at the SMEs of the region. A considerable, and still rising, role in the promotion of enterprise is played by the Swie.tokrzyskie Regional Development Agency (Swie^okrzyska Agencja Rozwoju Regionu - SARR), whose mission is to increase the region's economic potential through support¬ing the SME sector. In order to implement its tasks, this institution closely co-operates with self-government units of the voivodeship. The SARR provides training sessions as well as marketing and consultancy services in the field of business operations and ownership transformation.
The region also has a branch of the Business Centre Club, the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy, Employers' Forum and others. These leading institutions of the business environment of the voivodeship operate jointly in an organisation called the Economic Forum of Swi^tokrzyskie Voivodeship.
Since 2002, the Swie.tokrzyskie Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer has been in operation, whose mission is to support local entrepreneurship through consultancy and training, technology transfer, financial services, certification, promotion and advertising, and in particular-through close co-operation between companies and research institutions.
Kielce Trade Fairs (Targi Kielce), a leading promotional and commercial institution of the region, has also had its significant share in increasing the voivodeship's competitiveness. Kielce Trade Fairs comes second, right behind the Poznari International Tradeshows - Poland's largest exhibition centre (in terms of the area and numbers of exhibitors). As Poland's only trade fair centre, Targi Kielce boasts a special display area for functional presentation of all kinds of equipment.
The institutions of the business environment are shaping a very friendly economic cli¬mate for companies operating therein. They can be helpful to foreign investors both at initial stages of investment project preparation, and subsequently - while running or developing production and/or services.

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